PrxjectSin – Long Money ft. Yeat & Septembersrich mp3 mp4 Download & Lyrics

PrxjectSin – Long Money ft. Yeat & Septembersrich mp3 Download Free

You’re About To Download PrxjectSin – Long Money ft. Yeat & Septembersrich For Free mp3, mp4, instrumental & 320kbps On

Highly sensational artist and songwriter PrxjectSin released an impressive and exciting song titled “ Long Money featuring Yeat & Septembersrich“. which flesongs made available for free streaming and mp3 download.

PrxjectSin, has been at the top of their game for so long, pushing their way to the top, and it shows in this Long Money track

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PrxjectSin – Long Money ft. Yeat & Septembersrich Lyrics

(Grim Goin’ Brazy)
(T99, 少し強さを送ってくれ)

[Verse 1: Yeat]
I got long money (Yeah)
I got all hunnids (Yeah)
Made a hunnid bands in a month, that shit ain’t nothin’
Copped a private jet so I can ship out all this onion (Yeah)

I just bought the coupe, I cut the roof off, hit the Kanye (Yeah)
I been gettin’ so high (High)
Bitch I learned to fly (Oooh)
I was born a sinner, you can ask my demons why (Bitch)
I ain’t ate no dinner, I just took a perc (Perky)
All my money jumpin’, all my money twerk (Yeah)
All up, up on me, bitch, we disperse (Yeah)
When we pull up let them pussy boy disperse
And if that bitch pussy so good, I still won’t buy a purse
I just fucked what [?], they gon have to buy a verse

[Verse 2: SeptembersRich]
My twizzy called he [?]
.45, yeah I let it blow
Yo’ bitch just called up gang, and she say she gon [?]
I got some niggas [?]
Made fifty off that mail, but we ain’t gon’ tell what service tho’
I got pointers in that watch, but baguettes on my ring

Said she fuck me for this bag, no bitch, you fuckin’ for free
After I get down with that bitch, then she fuckin’ on my team (On god)
Tweny-thousand, nah, this shit ain’t cheap (Not cheap)
Got that Trackhawk Jeep (Skrrrt)
Chrome Hearts on that tee (Skrrrt)
And I got Chanel, bitch, it’s coco for that [?]
Nah, my life ain’t cheap hoe
We got every cheat code
Twizzy got them chickens in that semi, that’s a truck load
I can send in bitches to the sea, that’s a boat load
Then I put them birdies in that sky, that’s that jet load
Married to this money, but I had to let my bitch go.

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