H.O.T. – 아이야! (I yah!) mp3 mp4 Download & Lyrics

H.O.T. – 아이야! (I yah!) mp3 Download Free

You’re About To Download 아이야! (I yah!) By H.O.T. For Free mp3, mp4, instrumental & 320kbps On Flexsongs.com

Highly sensational artist and songwriter H.O.T. released an impressive and exciting song titled ” 아이야! (I yah!)“. which flesongs made available for free streaming and mp3 download.

H.O.T. , has been at the top of their game for so long, pushing their way to the top, and it shows in this 아이야! (I yah!) track

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H.O.T. – 아이야! (I yah!) Lyrics

Iyah nee gah sohk han seh sang eh nuhn nuh moo nuh moo nah doh ah
ruem dah oon seh sang koo keh nuen guh ruh geh
moh duen guh suel ah ruem dah geh man boh nuen guh man beh wuh jee
ah nee choo han guh due ruen gah ree rah goh beh wuh jee

nan guh ruh geh (guh ruh geh) nan guh ruh geh sal goo sheep jee ah nah
jung mal nan guh ruh geh
keu ryuhn moo cheh ee mahn mal due roh nuh moo nah noh moo nah no
moo nah no moo nah oh reh oh reh chuhn meh buh ryuh jyuh wah duhn
nal duel

juh ree gah moo joh ree gah jeh bal gah chee up nuen mah roo yoo
reen hah jee mah
Do you say one for the kid, two for the all
gue reh oo ree gah man duen han jung deh roh jee kyuh jeen geh mwuh
gah ee nuen gah? (uhp dah uhp dah)

gue due ruen soh weh dang hah goh moo shee dang hah goh boh hoh bad
jee doh moh hah goh
(tah goh nan gwuhn ree joh cha jee kyuh joo jee moh heh goh) gue reh
uhn jeh kah jee ee dah wee roh sal tehn gah uh

pee oo jee doh moh tahn ah ee due reh bool koo chuel kuh buh ree geh
noo gah huh rak heh nuen dah
uhn jeh kah jee doo ree keel soo won nuen jal moh suel bahn boh kah goh
sal tehn gah

Yeah noo goo nah gah dah pyung duen hah geh sah rah gal deh moh doo
dah jah gee gut man jaj jee ah nuen teh
uh duhn guh shee moo uh shee jeh eel goh joon han jee keh dah ruel deh
guh deh bah kuen neh ee ree sah rah doo rah ohn dah

Wow muh reul muh reul gah yah hal gee ree Show shock to your neighborhood
block Battlefield ee jeh seh chun nyun ee dah gah ohn dah No lie oo ree pee
ruel eh dah rah boh jeh dweh buh reel jee doh moh rue jee

Ah cheh And I’m gonna catch you Ain’t no turning back
You won’t be buring my kids Put ’em up some dirty cash and get tripher
But I’m a lifer A camouflauge cypher From the roof top I might snipe ya

shee gah neh soom gyuh buh reen jeen shee neh nah ruel chah gee wee heh
gah jeen moh duen gue suel buh ryuh suh
keu kah jee nah jeh geh nah mah ee nuen doh dah ruen mee reh chah juh suh

What ya boys need I got about the P down Straight about the P down
Make everybody get down Say your around prays in a days days
Ain’t that fault in them all with embrace hates

uhn jeh gah nuen moo duen guh shee sah rah jee deh doh ee gyuh
neh soo ee geh doo wah jwuh yah heh
oo ree eh geh nah muen guh shee sarang ee rah myuhn ah keem uhp
shee jwuh yah heh

Iyah! Iyah! Iyah! Iyah!

oo ree due ree choo goo hah nuen moh duen guh duel
uhn jeh nah guh ah neh yohk shee meun uhp nuen jee jee kyuh neh
yah heh dah seh gee gah uhn jeh kyuh juh

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