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Highly sensational artist and songwriter Giggs x Tiny Boost released an impressive and exciting song titled “ The Family“. which flesongs made available for free streaming and mp3 download.

Giggs x Tiny Boost, has been at the top of their game for so long, pushing their way to the top, and it shows in this The Family track

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Giggs x Tiny Boost – The Family Lyrics

[Intro: Giggs]

[Verse 1: Giggs]
Better watch the way you’re speaking
Two straps, bring another, make a threesome
Long clip on the bottom and it’s decent
Your old works, niggas got one on the recent
Yeah, I got the receipts
Hollow got bangers, droppin’ every week
Got it poppin’, she dropping with relief
At the top it’s just us and Lil Reese
Yeah, no one does it like man
Knuckes on my left, Rizzy, that’s my right hand
Says he’s in the streets, you should keep it quiet, fam
Crocodile teeth, watch it, they might bite man
Niggas got me paranoid
Hollow got the chips, I could get him saveloyed
Yeah, clocked your little strategies
Fuckin’ little — boy
We get the money, takin’ 10 percent
Nigga watch the temper ’cause niggas only represent
Got that muscle but niggas wanna test the strength
Landlord and I’m only here to get the rent
Yeah, they always try talk smack in songs
Might slap him, might start smackin’ dons
Lake Placid, yeah, came back in strong
Wrong bredda, nigga got the splashin’ wrong
Bread, big business, few lumps
Game soon fuck up, gave me few months
She’s shocked, I got Kimmy too stumped
Pussy wetter, swimmin’ through spunk
Yeah, get me two trunks
Thoughts of the bread that might get me through lunch
Yeah, they just left a dude slumped
Belly fatter, gettin’ too plump

Murder sheet
Shack of demons, we got pliers
Outside (bow, bow), shots fired
Only the family, my block’s biased
You ain’t gettin’ rich, so stop trying

[Verse 2: Tiny Boost]
I told H when he was in the states to bring us back a switch
Put it on them blicks and everybody gettin’ hit
Everybody gettin’ swished, turn him into cheese
They ain’t lyin’ when they tell you I’m turnin’ up these streets
I’m a real-life gangster, they’re gangster when they tweak
Realest in this shit, and I’m stampin’ it like feet
Half a brick of bujj, whole slab of grease
Red-skinned Portugese layin’ on me while I sleep
I just bust up, and I got credit with them killers like I touch up
Raise a ring or two bust when I was locked up
I’m down any time a nigga’s fucked up
Smith and Wesson, big Berettas and we glucked up
Lights green, turn you smithereens
Ain’t no in-betweens, it’s this side or no side
.45 hit your head back, make you nosedive
And I get at a nigga’s neck like a clothesline
And if I spin your block I’ll take that up in no time
And I ain’t heard about your works, but you know mine
Bullet holes, stab wounds, pack crimes, my old crimes
I was on the bloody run from ’05 to ’09
Keep my mouth closed tight, I ain’t speakin’ to them people
I ain’t speakin’ to them people
Won’t wipe your slate clean, nah, never make it equal
Put and end to your story there won’t ever be a sequel
I know what we do is wrong like Freeway and Beanie Sigel
My team [?] bread, your team fragile and feeble
Crack pipes, needles
Cali by the pound, I came up with sour [?]
That’s my only job and I’ll be slangin’ like it’s legal
Used to be my darrg now I see you when I see you
Niggas cross that line and I get evil, I got sick like the mumps and the measles
Ain’t no trickin’ when I got it, I just pull it out and treat you
Same place I’m standin’ be the same place I leave you, that’s real

[Chorus: Giggs]
Murder sheet
Shack of demons, we got pliers
Outside (bow, bow), shots fired
Only the family, my block’s biased
You ain’t gettin’ rich, so stop trying

[Outro: Giggs]
We got pliers
Shots fired
Only the family, my block’s biased
You ain’t gettin’ rich, so stop trying

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